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Teacher Ho Kon Yong

Piano Teacher Ho Kon Yong


WhatsApp us at 97500579 to find out more!



ABRSM Grade 8 practical

ABRSM Grade 8 theory


I'm a full-time piano teacher with 20 years teaching experience in various schools like Cristofori and Juzz Music School. 


Learning music is fun and easy, It's not about getting a music certificate. It is about finding one's passion and to express oneself. It's also help develops one's brain through music appreciation.

I have been enjoying the time spent with my lovely and wonderful students and it is through this experience that I have learned how to teach and interact with students of all ages. I'm widening my sharing to those who wants to acquire the passion. I have a long background in music and I am currently in a choir, where I sing and sometime do piano accompaniment. I am eager to teach beginners to master ABRSM exam or just for leisure.

Creative lessons include finger management, hearing, scale singing, sight reading, skill on focusing. co-ordination theory etc will also be imparted.

Lessons can be arranged either at your home or mine. Contact me at 91095489 for a better understanding or for a trial lesson before making your decision.

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