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Acoustic or Digital Piano - Which Should You Get?

Grand Acoustic Piano

Confused about acoustic and digital piano? You are not alone!

In this article we will quickly tell you what are Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos and how they are different from each other. We will also outline the reasons for choosing each type so you know which type of piano to go for when choosing a piano for your home. Here we go!

Acoustic Piano

An acoustic piano is the traditional type of piano where the sound is produced by metal strings. When you play the piano, a felt-tipped hammer will strike the metal string and produce the sound. Pianos were all originally acoustic before the invention of digital pianos. It is important to note that for piano graded examinations and performances, they are almost always done using an acoustic piano.

Piano Strings

Digital Piano

Digital piano is the new-age type of piano where the sound is produced electronically through speakers when you play the piano keys. A digital piano usually comes with added features like headphone jacks (for you to play silently), volume control, recording function and simulation of sounds of other instruments. Digital pianos are usually designed to look like an acoustic piano aesthetically and feel like an acoustic piano in terms of the weighted touch and feel of the keys.

Digital Piano

So which type of piano should I get?

The answer is really dependent on what you are looking for in a piano. Here, we will show you the advantages of each type and why people choose them. It is actually pretty common for serious piano players in Singapore to have both types of pianos at home!

Acoustic Piano: