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SGPH Piano Reference Number: SGPH-P6


Brand: Paco


Model: PU-120MSC


Age: 20 years 


Height: 120cm (exam model)


Country of Manufacture: North Korea


Short Description of Piano: Well kept piano that accompanied me through to ABRSM grade 8 exam. The model is supposedly the highest for PACO upright piano. Letting go as not playing much anymore and moved to new house with smaller space. PACO Company Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) : PACO piano is assembled in our joint venture plant in Pyongyang, North Korea, under direct supervision from our Japanese piano engineers and technicians. This piano uses mainly Japan made piano parts and materials and are made under rigid quality control system.

Paco PU-120MSC - 20 Years Old

  • Name: Dora

    Contact: 97545130


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