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Reference: SGPH-S40


Brand: Silbermann


Model: DU-121 (Serial No. 890502)


Age: 33


Country of Manufacture: Germany


Short Description of Piano:

I bought this upright piano as second hand from my friend's mother-sister in December 2020. It is made in 1989. But I did tuning and string change 5 times since then until today as I am an active in playing piano despite being a student from N Levels to ITE ( Higher Nitec ) and having part time jobs after my N Levels. I play it for self learning pieces up to LRSM/DipABRSM and I also use this piano for my recordings of my covers. Due to the high maintenance cost of tuning/restringing this upright piano, I decided to sell it away and get an 88 key digital piano/workstation because I can't afford to restring the broken string. The price stated is the suggested price. If you want the video of me playing this piano, you can PM me as well. If you want to buy, please PM me then we will settle where to deliver at and et cetera. If you feel that the price is expensive for you, please PM me before you can buy and you can bid it at a lower price that you want (e.g. $2650 or vice versa ) before you can buy. You need to restring the string that I mentioned earlier. No need to tune as the piano is last tuned 4 month ago and it is well tuned and well cared of.

Description of the piano W: 152 cm H: 121 cm D: 62 cm Excellent sound and excellent key action for you to play pieces even up to FRSM/LRSM. Pedal ( in sequence as shown on Photo 3 ): Soft, Muffler, Damper ( Sustain ) Made in Germany Heater has been on 24/7 365 days

SGPH Silbermann DU-121 - 33 Years Old

  • Name: Casey Liew

    Contact: -


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