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SGPH Piano Reference Number: SGPH-Y66


Brand: Yamaha


Model: U1F (Serial No. 5079453)


Age: 20 years 


Height: 121cm 


Country of Manufacture: Japan


Short Description of Piano: This is an exam model piano. An excellent piano in Black Polished colour. The piano is well maintained and has just been tuned, cleaned internally and assessed by a professional for it's value according to it's build. I bought this piano when i was doing my grade 8 and Diploma. But soon after i decided to take a break from piano and this is when i stop playing altogether. I kept the piano for years, unused, thinking i will get back to it but I am deciding to let it go now. Prior to this, the piano was used by my piano teacher. I bought the piano from her and used it for 2 years actively and kept it unused until now. Please give this piano a new life! Yamaha U1F is a good series... Thanks for stopping by :)

Yamaha U1F - 20 Years Old

  • Name: Tan Chia Wei

    Contact: 84180276

    Email: -

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