November 25, 2017

Every piano owner knows that their piano must somehow be tuned. But why is it necessary and why must it be done regularly?

What is piano tuning for?

Basically, sounds are made when the metal strings in the piano are struck by hammers. These metal strings are under very h...

May 16, 2017

Buying a piano directly from an owner is definitely a much more value-for-money option than getting one from a dealer’s store. However, the biggest downside is that your piano will have no warranty. So you have to make sure that the piano that you are getting is in goo...

April 4, 2017

You have spent a significant amount of money on your child’s music education, from piano lessons to purchasing a piano. Has it ever occurred to you that your child might not be appreciating music the way you had expected him to?

Many kids lost interest entirely and gave...

August 17, 2016

In another article about piano exams in Singapore, we described that there are two main exam authorities in Singapore. They are The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College London (Trinity).

Just like many music examination boards, the...

July 27, 2016

In another article, I have penned down my thoughts and reasons on why is now the best time for you to learn the piano. But does that apply to your children as well? Or rather, to what extent is it true when it comes to children?

Well, let’s touch on 3 main factors that...

July 22, 2016

Before coming across this article, you probably have already heard of many children as well adults learning the piano and taking piano exams in Singapore. Even though everyone talks about it, do you really know what the Piano Exams are? Do you know what are ABRSM, Trin...

July 19, 2016

This million dollar question never fails to pop up and bother many musically inspired individuals. Let’s be honest and face it - There is no answer to this question. Or rather, there are more than 101 answers to this.

Put this in google and you will know what I mean. Y...

July 15, 2016

You have seen your friend’s angelic children playing melodious Christmas hymns during church concert and you are full of envy. You secretly hope that your kids can be the ones making the music. Is this kiasu-ism creeping into you? Fret not. Let me share with you why ha...

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