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Essex pianos in Singapore are officially sold and distributed by Steinway Gallery Singapore

Estimated prices are shown.

Boston Upright Pianos

Boston UP-118E

Model: Boston UP-118E

Height: 118 cm

Price: $19,600

Boston UP-126E

Model: Boston UP-126E

Height: 126 cm

Price: $22,800

Boston UP-132E

Model: Boston UP-132E

Height: 132 cm

Price: $24,800

Boston Grand Pianos

Boston GP-156

Model: Boston GP-156

Depth: 156 cm

Price: $38,000

Boston GP-163

Model: Boston GP-163

Depth: 163 cm

Price: $45,000

Boston GP-178

Model: Boston GP-178

Depth: 178 cm

Price: $49,000

Boston GP-193

Model: Boston GP-193

Depth: 193 cm

Price: $55,000

Boston GP-215

Model: Boston GP-215

Depth: 215 cm

Price: $66,000

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