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With over hundreds of well experienced and qualified private home piano teachers on our platform, we help match students with home piano teachers every day for free.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:

Request for a Teacher

Let us know you are looking for a piano teacher. Fill in our Piano Teacher Request Form and you are done within 3 mins! We will do the rest!

Step 2:

Hear from Us

We will source through our extensive database and email you a list of suitable piano teachers who are ready to teach. Done within 1 day.

Step 3:


Choose your ideal piano teacher by looking through the various profiles and rates.

Step 4:


Appoint your piano teacher and commence lessons. Pay the lesson fees directly to the piano teacher. No payment of any agency fees!


Request for a Teacher

Please use either of the 3 methods below to find a piano teacher from us. If you have any questions, we recommend reading our FAQs :)


Whatsapp the following to us at 97500579 and we will respond to you as soon as possible!


  1. Your Name

  2. Student's Age

  3. Student's Gender

  4. Type of Lessons (Eg. Grade 5)

  5. Location of Lesson and Address (Eg. Teacher's home near Bedok or my home at 12 Changi Road) or online lessons

  6. Preferred Day and Time (Pls provide as many as you can for better match!)

  7. Your Email Address


Email the following to us at hello@singaporepianohub.com and we will respond to you as soon as possible!


  1. Your Name

  2. Student's Age

  3. Student's Gender

  4. Type of Lessons (Eg. Grade 5)

  5. Location of Lesson and Address (Eg. Teacher's home near Bedok or my home at 12 Changi Road) or online lessons

  6. Preferred Day and Time (Pls provide as many as you can for better match!)

  7. Your Mobile Number


Why Choose Us?


All you have to do is submit a request and we will email you a list of suitable piano teachers to choose from. That's it!

You Call The Shots

It's all about you. Choose your preferred day, timing and location. Learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home!


There is absolutely no charges for using our services. No registration, admin or hidden fees.

1 To 1 Attention

Are you afraid of learning inappropriately by enrolling into group piano lessons? Let us help you find a private 1-to-1 piano teacher at your budget.

Reliable Teachers

Although all teachers are independent and freelance, we constantly filter teachers in our database to ensure that the matches are the best that we can get.


"Thanks for matching my son with a great piano teacher! He has been interested in piano ever since. Thanks so much for clearing all my doubts at the start too!"

- Jessica Png, Parent of student

"From filling in the form to appointing a piano teacher was really quick and easy. I would like to thank Jaden for answering all my enquiries. Definitely will recommend Singapore Piano Hub!"

- Caroline Cheong, Student

"Everything was simple. I found a piano teacher for my boy literally within 24 hours from sending in the email. Thank you guys."

- Nithya, Parent of student

"Initially I was quite skeptical because free service can't be good. But it indeed was! I was matched with a piano teacher for my son within 2 days and I only paid for the piano lesson fees and nothing else. This is a really good find."

- Wong, Parent of student

"Shortly after my request, I was informed that 4 piano teachers were available to provide piano lessons for my daughter. All the important information was there - their qualifications, teaching experience and lesson fees. I discussed with my husband and we picked a teacher very quickly."

-Yin, Parent of student


Teacher Genell Giving Piano Lessons

Teacher Genell Giving Piano Lessons

Storytelling Time!

Storytelling Time!

So Fun to Learn Music Letters!

So Fun to Learn Music Letters!

Teacher Eileen and Student

Teacher Eileen and Student

At the Recital whee!

At the Recital whee!

Say Hi!

Say Hi!



Don't film, I'm shy!

Don't film me, I'm shy!

Piano Games with Ms Jelane

Piano Games, Best Way to Learn!

Group Selfie!

Group Selfie!

learn piano lesson at home

Evening piano lesson at home. Say Cheese!

Piano Teacher Xiao Lin

Photo with Teacher Xiao Lin!

Piano Theory Lesson

Theory Lesson



Piano teacher Ying Jie and Kids

Ms Ying Jie and Kids at a Pre-school

Frequently Asked Questions

"What happens after I submit the form?"

Following your requirements, we will search through our extensive database of teachers who are suitable and readily available to teach you. This 1 to 2 days process ensures perfect teacher-student matching. You will then receive an email with a comprehensive list of profiles along with their fees. From there, take your pick!

"Are there any hidden charges or service fees?"

No, this is an entirely free service for parents or students looking for piano teachers. We collect a small one-time referral fee from the piano teachers for each successful match. As a parent or student, it is completely free for you!

"How much do you charge for a beginner home piano lesson?"

We do not set the lesson fees, each piano teacher sets his/her own fees. Generally, a more experienced teacher will charge a higher fee than a less experienced teacher. For a rough gauge on the lesson fees, you may refer to the piano lessons market rate.


"Is there a minimum appointment period? What if the teacher is not suitable?"

There is no minimum appointment period but we strongly encourage students to have at least 4 lessons. From our experience, it usually takes around 3 to 4 lessons for a teacher and student to warm up to each other. In the event that you really find the teacher not suitable after a month, you may discontinue or switch to another teacher at no additional charge.

"How do I pay the lesson fees?"

All lesson fees shall be paid directly to your piano teacher. From our experience, lesson fees are usually paid to the piano teacher at the start of the month or every 4 lessons.


"Can the teacher send me/my child for piano exams?"

Yes, definitely. All piano teachers are able to prepare students for piano exams as well as help sign them up with the respective piano examination boards.

"I don't have a piano at home, can I still engage a home piano teacher?"

If you do not have a piano at home, you may attend the piano lessons at the teacher's home instead. For such cases, please let us know beforehand so we can help you find a teacher who lives near you.

"Thanks for finding a piano teacher for me. Can you also recommend us a piano to buy?"

If you are learning the piano for examination purpose, make sure to get an exam model piano. Exam model pianos refer to pianos with a height of at least 121 cm. You may visit our buy/sell piano segment to know more about the pianos available in Singapore.  

"I'm not sure if I want to commit to regular piano lessons, should I still submit a form?"

If you are unsure of your interest in piano, we recommend you to consider having short courses to have some exposure. You may indicate on the form that you want to have lessons for a short term, for eg. 2 months. In future, you are always still welcome to submit a form to find a suitable teacher for regular lessons.


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