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Pop Piano Teachers


Piano Teacher Jonah Heng


-Associate Diploma in Music Teaching

-Grade 8 Piano Practical ABRSM

-Grade 8 Music Theory ABRSM

- Resident Keyboardist at The Chevrons, Aug 16 - Aug 17
- Resident Keyboardist at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Feb 17 - Aug 17
- Official Pianist of Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church Singapore (Chinese Service) June 15 - Aug 17
- Regular Keyboardist for Various Wedding Events and Gigs


I have been teaching private pop piano/keyboard lessons for nearly 5 years. For the past 5 years, I have been delivering fun, joy-filled and inspiring lessons in pop piano improvisation that not only allow my students to master their favourite English pop / Chinese pop / Worship songs quickly, but also help them grasp necessary skills/techniques in pop piano through the learning of these songs. 


Learning piano is not about chasing a certificate. Its about discovering your passion and learning how to express your feelings through music.

Just like many of you out there, I started learning classical piano from a young age under the pressure of my parents. Routinely spending hours and hours practicing the same exam pieces just for the sake of a certificate made me question why I was doing what I was doing, and whether music was my interest after all.

It was only until I started playing piano for my church’s youth service that I started to be exposed to contemporary Christian music. This subsequently led me to pop, jazz, Mandopop, Cantopop, blues, funk and many other kinds of “modern” improvisational music that reignited my passion for music. That's when I decided to redirect my time, energy and focus into what I truly love – pop piano music.

Committed to improving my skills, I spent years listening, practicing and jamming with local bands, in the process getting to know many full-time musicians and former local artists, and humbly learning from their what they had to share.


Today, I am enjoying my everyday work, being the resident keyboardist at The Chevrons, Serangoon Gardens Country Club and Warren Golf and Country Club, regular pianist for various wedding events, as well as the band leader of many local indie bands. And because of that, I really hope to share my experience and expertise with anyone who, just like me 12 years back, share a strong passion for pop music / piano improvisation but just needs a helping hand of proper guidance and motivation.

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