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Teacher Kang Joo Ye

Piano Teacher Kang Joo Ye
Piano Teacher Kang Joo Ye


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ATCL DIPLOMA in piano performance

ABRSM Grade 8 Violin

O level Music



  • Keyboardist for Church

  • Teaching in Praise Music School since 2014

  • Teaching Location: Home Studio in Bukit Panjang and near by areas.

Joo Ye has been teaching the piano for more than 7 years. She completed her grade 8 at the age of 15 and obtained her Diploma at 17 under Tan Chia Ho from East Man School of Music. She began her music journey at the age of 6.


Her passion for music further developed when she started to serve in the worship ministry as a keyboardist. She aspires to impart her musical knowledge and spread the word of god through music.

As a music educator, Joo Ye prepares students well for the renowned ABRSM exams, which she managed to deliver 100% passes, with 70% obtaining merit.

 She is experienced in teaching both classical and contemporary (pop/church music) and students of age 5 to 40. On top of that she does piano accompaniment for ABRSM violin exams and other various private weddings and major school events.

Students under Joo Ye learns at her lovely home studio at her place at Bukit Panjang (see image). She also conducts lessons at students’ place around her area.


English, Mandarin, Korean



  • Sight reading training

  • Aural Test training

  • Scale playing training

  • Music Theory

  • Chord Knowledge and Progression

  • Graded piano lessons

  • Piano lessons for adults and children

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