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Teacher Liew Hui Jie

Piano Teacher Liew Hui Jie


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Distinction LTCL Piano Performance (Trinity, U.K.)

ATCL Piano Performance (Trinity, U.K.)

Distinction Diploma Early Childhood Music Teaching (LCM, U.K.)

Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)


I am a full-time piano teacher with 6 years teaching experience. As a passionate piano teacher, I encourage my students and motivate them to develop the interest in learning, playing and finally loving the piano. Besides, I have also been serving as a church pianist since I was fourteen years old.


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Teaching approach:

1. Build a good chemistry with students and communicate well with parents.

2. Employing effective piano pedagogy for each individual.

3. Motivate students to practice and reward them.

4. Strive for excellent in the art of piano teaching.

5. Organize annual concert.

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