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3 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Child Learn The Piano

You have seen your friend’s angelic children playing melodious Christmas hymns during church concert and you are full of envy. You secretly hope that your kids can be the ones making the music. Is this kiasu-ism creeping into you? Fret not. Let me share with you why having this kiasu-ism is justified.

1. Let them be part of their music.

Children definitely love listening to their favourite songs being played or performed to them. They will probably smile and dance along to it like the happiest kids on earth.

But wouldn’t they be more excited and fascinated if these songs are actually made by themselves? Yes, the music comes from their very own moving fingers. Instead of just deriving pleasure from external sources of music, they can actually be the source of their own happiness.

Moreover, they have control over the music at tip of their fingers, literally. That means any music at any time. Whatever music that comes to mind, just run fingers along the keys and they get it.

By involving your children in the music, you bring a higher level of enjoyment to your kids.

2. Music therapy at its best.

Unless your children proceeds to pursue music as part of further studies later on in life, playing piano would probably be a hobby that relaxes the body and soothes the soul.

This is especially important in Singapore where all kids go through the structured education that puts heavy focus on languages and sciences. That is perfectly fine. But the bad thing is that everything is exam-oriented which puts immense stress on your children.

Who wants stress on their kids? No one. But there is no choice because that’s probably the best way to go in a meritocratic society.

Oh no, how?

No worries at all! Although you can’t stop stress from going to them, you can help relief some stress. You can have a work around to make your child feel better. Engage them in hobbies which are not academically related.

Isn’t this a good form of escape from mundane school life?

However, keep in mind not to place too much emphasis on exams. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an escape at all.

3. Refine their fine motor skills.

Early childhood physical development is always a primary concern for parents.

Will my children be able to coordinate his hand and leg movements? Will they be able to coordinate his fingers? Will they be able to put their fingers and eyes in sync?

The answer to all these: yes if you give them opportunities to train from young. And of course, one of the best training to accomplish all these is learning of the piano.

That sounds too good to be true but some things in life are made to be good.

They have to read the music score, coordinate all fingers and press the pedals using legs, all at the right time. How else can anyone get such all rounded training by doing just a single thing – play the piano?

No easier way than this. So, let your children learn piano to develop their fine motor skills.


Can’t wait to get your child’s hands onto the black and white keys? Find out when is a good time to get them started here!

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