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Is It Too Late To Start Learning The Piano?

This million dollar question never fails to pop up and bother many musically inspired individuals. Let’s be honest and face it - There is no answer to this question. Or rather, there are more than 101 answers to this.

Put this in google and you will know what I mean. You probably landed here while trying to search for answers.

The bad news for you is that I will not attempt to answer this question directly. BUT here’s the good news - I will solve the mystery behind this. How?

Let me bring another perspective to you. Think of the exact opposite question and ask yourself that. Is it too early to start learning the piano?

Many of you will be expecting the obvious answer: No, there won’t be a time that’s too early. So start learning the piano now.

Wow, mystery solved?

Yup, that’s right. It is indeed true, but that is not the end of the story. Most of you would be able to answer it but how many people truly appreciate the reasons that drive such an answer? Let’s focus on the reasons, which should be the main takeaway from reading this article.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should start learning now.

1. You wouldn’t know for sure whether you like or dislike something, whether you are good or bad at something, or whether you can or cannot do something.

Well, you might know but not 100%. Not until you actually get your hands on it, literally.

You might be worried if your hands are too stiff to run on keys, or if you have enough time to handle such an activity, or if the learning fees are too expensive. The non-exhaustive list goes on.

Why not just be optimistic? And I mean it for everything that you are unsure of. In fact, it is precisely because you don’t know, that’s why you should find out. And the only way to find out is to start doing it now.

2. There is no bad time to embrace a new hobby.

You must have had a positive reason when the thought of learning the piano even struck you. You probably liked it and chances would be that you still like it since you are reading this. So why wait any longer when you have a burning passion? Pick up the hobby now and enjoy it earlier. Contrary to some beliefs, waiting only kills your interest. And that leads us to the next point.

3. Procrastination is poisonous.

There won’t ever be a free-er time than now. We always have something else at hand that’s more important or better to do. So we conveniently push it to a future date. With the same mentality, it gets thrown back every time when you are about to do it.

Extrapolate and fast-forward this many years later - The time when you are much older. You still haven’t touched the piano, something that you have been wanting to do. Everything seems to be maintained status quo.

You still can’t play the piano.

But the worst thing and the truth is that actually it’s not exactly the same. You would have lost much of your interest in piano, if not all.

If this result is not what you desire, then take advantage of your burning passion. Indulge in your interest even if it might only be for a brief moment.

Get started now.

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