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3 Things You Must Know When Buying an Acoustic Piano in Singapore

White Acoustic Grand Piano

Are you looking to buy a piano for yourself or your child?

In this short article, we will discuss 3 very important considerations that you must know when buying an acoustic piano in Singapore. This will be useful only if you are looking for an Acoustic Piano. You may wish to skip this article if you are buying a digital piano.

(If you are still considering whether to buy an Acoustic or Digital Piano, you may want to read this instead: Acoustic or Digital Piano - Which Should You Get?)

1. Brand

If you do not know much about piano brands and models, that is only natural. According to Wikipedia, there are close to 1000 piano brands and 200 piano makers in the world.

Since most consumers like us are unaware of the mechanics and complexity behind the making of a piano, we tend to choose a piano based on the reputation and credibility of the brand. This has led to piano makers from all around the world engraving sophisticated and elegant brand names onto their pianos.

Nothing’s wrong with a beautiful sounding brand name, we just don’t want you to overpay for it.

When you are choosing your piano, do a little research on the background of the brand and do not simply be taken in by how classy the brand seems. There are indeed piano brands which sound very sophisticated but may not actually have the quality and know-how in its production.

A simple way is to note where the piano is made in, where the parts (strings, hammers, soundboard) are sourced from and how much is the piano selling for in comparison with other brands. In general, it is always safer to go for a brand that has decades of track record of making and selling quality pianos internationally. A few reliable and popular brands here in Singapore for the average consumers include Yamaha and Kawai.

2. Brand Origin vs Country of Production

For many pianos, the brand origin may be different from where the piano is made. A good example is the Yamaha JU109 model where the brand origin is Japan but the piano is actually made in Indonesia.

In general, we believe the more reliable pianos are those made in the same country as the country of the brand origin. This tends to show higher involvement in quality control over the production and more dedication in the production process.

Using Yamaha as example again, the better quality (and higher priced) Yamaha model U1 is entirely made in Japan.

That said, a brand that has good quality control can still produce excellent pianos despite having their production done overseas. What we have presented is our team’s general opinion and not a strict definitive guideline.

3. Price

For brand new pianos in Singapore, prices are generally fixed. You can easily call up the respective piano shops and get the prices of the pianos. A good way is to wait for the mid year or year end sale and get the pianos at a cheaper price. (If anyone wants to get extra discount on top of any sale price during purchase in piano stores, feel free to contact us. We have ways to help!)

For used pianos, there are 2 main sources. You can go to a secondhand piano shop or you can buy one directly from an owner. Buying from a secondhand piano shop is generally more costly than buying direct from an owner because of markups, rentals and warranty. If you wish to save on these costs, a good way is to buy direct from an owner who no longer needs the piano. If you are buying directly from an owner, make sure you check the condition of the piano first to ensure you are not buying a piano of poor condition.

One easy way to buy a piano directly from an owner is through the Piano Marketplace. At the Piano Marketplace, the prices have no markups. What's left is for you to drop by the owner's residence to personally inspect the piano and it's condition. You can also grab a professional piano technician along for piano assessment at $45.


New Pianos ($$$)

Secondhand Piano Shop ($$)

Piano Marketplace ($)


We hope the above has given you a good idea on how to buy an acoustic piano in Singapore. Apart from the above 3 considerations, make sure to try out the piano and see if you like the tone and touch of the piano. Ultimately, the best piano is the one that you love!

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