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4 Types of Piano Teachers in Singapore

As many of you know, Singapore Piano Hub started out as a humble website helping parents/students look for piano teachers. Over time, we have received countless of teacher requests from you guys and that gave us the opportunity to work with so many different piano teachers here in Singapore. In the name of fun, we just want to share with you the different types of piano teachers you can find in Singapore and how they are like!

1. The Motherly and Fatherly ones

Old piano teacher

The Motherly and Fatherly kind of piano teachers generally have at least 15 to 20 years of experience teaching the piano. They are experienced, firm, effective and usually well-liked by students as well as parents. They know how to teach effectively and control the dynamics of the lessons well. They are reliable and do not always like to change the lesson schedule. Naturally, their rates tend to be on the high side due to their popularity.

What you should do: If the price is right, grab them!

2. The Young and Fun Ones

Young Piano Teachers

The Young and Fun kind of piano teachers are generally new in the piano teaching scene with no more than 5 years of teaching experience. They are likely to be fresh out of school and looking to build a piano teaching career out of their newly obtained music education. While their passion for music is contagious and good for cultivating the student’s interest, their lack of teaching experience may result in unprofessional behaviours such as irregular schedules or unwarranted change in rates. Nonetheless, they are often picked for their high energy level and dedication to working hard!

What you should do: If your primary aim is to develop a child’s interest in piano, grab them!

3. The Artistic Ones

Piano Performing Stage

The Artistic kind of piano teachers are generally performers. They tend to have a post-graduate education in piano performance and have lots of experience performing on grand pianos on the big stage. These teachers are generally inspirational, demanding and highly technical. Their rates are generally on the high side, but some are willing to lower their rates for beginners who are just starting out.

What you should do: If you want to develop a child to potentially become a full time musician, grab them!

4. The Unprofessional Ones

Unprofessional piano teacher

Unfortunately, no industry is without the black sheep. Through our experience, we have dealt with a handful of irresponsible piano teachers. Some of them are frequently late for class, unprepared for lessons, rude to parents/students and often asking to change schedule or rates. To our surprise, these unprofessional teachers are present across all age groups and are not limited to just the younger ones. On our end, we are always on a lookout for potential black sheep and we never hesitated to remove them from our database permanently.

What you should do: Fire them! It's not that hard to find a qualified and responsible piano teacher!

That’s all folks! Of course, the above is just our generalisation of the piano teachers here in Singapore for the sake of trivial fun and to give everyone a better understanding. Let us know in the comments below which type of teachers do you have!


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