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Piano Teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day!

Happy Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher’s Day, piano teachers! To celebrate your hard work in grooming the next generation of piano players here in Singapore, here are some interesting stories from you teachers that we want to share with everyone!

#1 Forward Looking P3 Kid

This story comes directly from Jaden. Jaden is currently teaching a primary 3 boy music theory lessons. For the first few lessons, the boy was a handful and extremely difficult to deal with. He refused to cooperate during lesson, did not do his homework and certainly did not like having lessons with Jaden. Feeling frustrated, Jaden decided to break the ice with the student so as to build a rapport with him. He asked the boy for his ambition and to his surprise, the boy actually said he wants to become a full-time youtuber in future as he has done his research and knows that youtubers earn well over $1000 for every 1 million views of their videos! We felt that this is pretty impressive and forward looking for a P3, given that all we knew during P3 was how many marbles to trade with our friends…

#2 Husband of His Word

One of our student was a 38-year-old male in Singapore, looking to learn leisure lessons. In particular, he wanted to learn a romantic Korean love song and that was extremely puzzling for us. Turns out, he made a promise to his wife 5 years ago during his proposal that he would play her favourite love song on the piano for her. Years drag on but the wife never forgot the promise. Naturally, she made sure her husband could never forget it too with her powerful nagging skills.... As a man of his word (or just to escape the nagging?), the husband decided to invest in a digital piano and learn the whole song from scratch. He actually has no musical background at all!

#3 Determined to Teach

We receive signs up from piano teachers on a regular basis. Sometimes, we have to reject a teacher because their qualifications are not good enough. Once, we rejected a teacher who had only obtained the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory and Practical. She was slightly disappointed that she could not be teaching what she loves the most – piano. Just recently, we received a teacher sign up with a familiar name and profile. It was the same teacher except this time, she finally had the ABRSM Grade 8 qualifications! Awesome dedication and determination!!!

Happy Teacher's Day, Piano Teachers! You guys are awesome!


It's the best time to celebrate teacher's hard work and dedication during Teacher's Day! Here are 4 types of piano teachers that we have here in Singapore and we think you might be interested to know!

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