• Dominique

Everything You Need To Know To Buy A Used Piano Yourself (5 -10 mins Read)


Know nothing about pianos? Good!

This article is written especially for you! At the end of this article, we want you to be equipped with enough knowledge to properly choose a used acoustic piano all by yourself! Awesome? Read on!

1. Basic Must Know Knowledge of Piano

What is a Piano?

A piano is just an instrument. It is not as scary as you think. Neither is it too complex.

Basically, a piano is a string instrument which produces sound when you press down the keys. Each key is attached to a hammer which strikes the strings and produces sound when you press down the key. A standard piano has 88 keys.

Due to the simple mechanics behind a piano, there is actually nothing much that can go very wrong. As such, pianos are generally able to last for a very long time, even longer than you and I!

What is Piano Tuning?

Over time, strings in a piano will slowly move out of place due to usage or wear and tear. This would accumulate to a point where the strings are out of tune.

Tuning a piano essentially means adjusting the tension of the strings to ensure the sound produced is accurate again.

A simple way to look at piano tuning is that it is just like your dental checkup. It is recommended periodically, yet not really necessary until something has gone wrong.

In general, piano owners either tune the piano regularly (once every 6 months) or do so only when the piano is out of tune. (Just like how we approach dental!)

What is a Piano Heater?

Apart from keeping the strings in tune, you have to keep the mold away too.

This is done with a piano heater which is placed inside a piano to speed up evaporation and drive off moisture. The piano heater is usually turned on all the time, 24hours a day.

Most acoustic pianos come with a piano heater. You don’t have to buy them separately.