• Wen Feng

3 Major Benefits to Start Playing The Piano Young

major benefits to start playing the piano

If you are reading this, you are probably contemplating on whether your kid should start learning the piano at a young age. Well, you definitely should! There are tons of reasons why you should do so, but here are 3 major benefits to start playing the piano young.

1. Brain/Cognitive Development

Over the years, there have been a lot of researches conducted to find out if there is a correlation between playing the piano and the brain/cognitive development. Many of these researches have found out that kids who started playing the piano since young tend to have an advantage over those who are not in terms of their academic performance. Researches have shown that kids who learnt the piano since young did better in subjects such as mathematics and science .

This is because playing the piano stimulates the brain in a way that most other activities cannot, connecting the neurological pathways that can later on be utilized by an individual to process mathematics and science related content. Just this benefit of brain/cognitive development alone is more than good enough for you to expose your kid to the world of piano. This is especially true in Singapore whereby a child's future progress is highly dependent on his or her academics.

2. Mental Strength Development