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Classical Music Is The Best For Meditation


Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels

What is the reason why classical music is the best for meditation? The main purpose of meditation is to calm and relax, and there are quite a few factors that are essential for you to have a productive meditation session. Other than important factors such as the environment, techniques, and postures, the accompanying music also plays a huge role to successful meditation.

When people talk about the requirements of an accompany meditation music, at least 9 out of 10 of people will mention the terms "soothing" and "relaxing". And let's be honest, classical music is definitely one of, if not the best music genre that can meet both the requirements. First of all, let's talk about some of the benefits that classical music can bring you during a meditation session.

Benefit #1: Stress Relief

It is a well-known fact that listening to classical music is one of the best remedies to calm yourself down and relieve stress, and there have been a lot of psychological researches conducted to find out about how music can manage stress. This is mainly due to the endorphins that are released from your brain when you listen to music which will help to relieve pain and boost happiness.

Benefit #2: Deeper Meditation

In most cases, listening to music during meditation helps one to enhance his or her cognitive abilities, resulting in a deeper meditation, which will help the person to relax even further than they would normally. Of course, there are also the minorities who will be distracted by the music in the background and are unable to focus when music is played during meditation. However, most people claim that having a piece of accompanying meditation music helps them to concentrate better, which will, in turn, help them to achieve better relaxation and promote a higher level of happiness.

Benefit #3: Better Appetite

There is a recent study that found out that soft music has a calming effect that can influence people to make more health-conscious choices when they are dining. If you are having problems trying to keep a proper and healthy diet, listening to music coupled with meditation might be the remedy to your problem! Who knows? You might see yourself losing weight in 3 months time if you start now!

Now that I have introduced some of the benefits that the soothing and relaxing classical music provide during meditation, I am pretty sure you are very eager to get started right away. So here are a few recommendations of classical music pieces that are perfect for meditation.

#1 Eric Satie - Gymnopedie No.1

#2 Chopin - Prelude Op.28 No.13 in F-sharp Major

#3 Debussy - Claire De Lune

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Wen Feng is a passionate music aficionado. He is constantly on the search for new music to listen to, with a particular interest in classical music. Piano pieces have always been a great companion and kept him calm throughout his school and work life.

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