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5 Easy And Portable Musical Instruments To Start With


Photo by Méline Waxx from Pexels

Now that you are aware of the 10 most difficult musical instruments to play from our article last week, you might start to wonder if you have the luxury of time to play any of those instruments. Well, if you are very keen in picking up and instrument but do not have the time to do so, here are 5 easy and portable musical instruments to start with that you can practice any time, and anywhere!

1. Recorder

Have you ever played a recorder before? I'm sure most of you did so in your primary school days during music lessons. The recorder is a simpler and affordable version of a flute or clarinet. It is extremely portable, which means that you can basically bring it anywhere you want and practice whenever you have time to spare!

The reason why it is simple to play the recorder is that it only requires simple hand and mouth coordination, and musical theory background is not required for this instrument. Moreover, it will be easy for you to learn flute related instruments in the future if you started with the recorder.

2. Bongos Drum

Originated from Cuba, the Bongos Drum is an instrument that consists of 2 conjoined drums and is the simpler version of a full drum set. It is one of the easiest instruments to learn amongst the percussion and drum musical instrument category. The reason why it is considered easy to learn is due to the fact that unlike a full drum set that requires hand, leg and eye coordination, the Bongos only require simple hand and eye coordination.

Learning the Bongos Drum also comes with benefits such as establishing a foundation instrumentally and theoretically, which will make it easier should you want to move forward to more challenging percussion and drum instruments in the future.

3. Ukulele

The rising trends of people playing the ukulele make it hard to not include this easy-to-learn musical instrument in this list. The ukulele is a cheaper and simpler version of a classical guitar. While the classical guitar has 6 strings, the ukulele only has 4 strings that are made of nylon.

Unlike the guitar, you will only need to know some simple chords to start playing songs with the ukulele. Also, with all the YouTube tutorials out there, how hard can it be to learn this instrument that was designed to be easy to play from the very start?

4. Harmonica

The harmonica is also known as the "French harp" or "mouth organ". The free reed wind instrument is an instrument that is commonly used by musicians of different genres from all around the world.

The variety of genres that you can play with the harmonica makes the instrument a very intriguing one. Extensive musical knowledge is not necessary to play this instrument, and every sound that you play will seem to sound legit and at the right key no matter how much you play it.

What's more? It is extremely portable, and harmonicists love this fact as they can bring it anywhere to practice or play the instrument whenever they want to, be it whether they are playing it professionally or leisurely.

5. Glockenspiel

The glockenspiel is a percussion instrument that is designed with a set of keys that works similarly to the keys of a piano. The difference between the glockenspiel and piano is that instead of using your fingers to play the keys, you will be using a mallet to hit the keys.

Although the glockenspiel is easier to pick up as compared to a piano as the instrument only require basic hand and eye coordination, you are required to learn notes. Although this might prove to be a problem for some, there is no harm in learning some notes. Who knows, you might be able to learn the piano easily in the future because of the foundation you have achieved from playing the glockenspiel.

Who said that learning musical instruments requires you to sit down and practice for hours? With all these instruments, not only will you gain experience and learn the fundamentals of music, you will be able to practice or play them at your own discretion! Now that you have a few more instruments to consider, which one do you think you are more interested in?

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Wen Feng is a passionate music aficionado. He is constantly on the search for new music to listen to, with a particular interest in classical music. Piano pieces have always been a great companion and kept him calm throughout his school and work life.

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