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Music Is Universal, It Is For Everyone!

Teenager Listening To Classical Music

Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 from Pexels

Is music a universal language? While people think that it is, majority of people rejected the claim that music is a universal language because although all human brain react to music, the emotions each individual feel might not necessarily be the same. However, while music might or might not be a universal language, one thing is for certain! Music is universal, it is for everyone! It does not matter where you are from or how old you are. The truth is, you can enjoy and feel music even if you are deaf!

1. Everyone reacts to music

Music are sound waves that are transmitted to our brain from our ears. Although the same music piece might be interpreted differently by two different person, it remains a fact that everyone can react to music. In fact, research have shown that even animals can react to music too! Just this two facts is enough to support the claim that although music might not be a universal language, it is definitely universal, it is for everyone!

2. Hearing Disability

Still not convinced that music is universal? Well, what if I tell you that even people who are deaf or have hearing difficulties can hear music too? Think about one of the most famous musician of all times which I believe everyone knows, Beethoven. During the later part of his musical career, he started having problems with his ears, eventually turning deaf. Despite all this restrictions, he was able to create some of his best pieces of work. How did he managed to pull off such an impossible feat you might ask? It is actually fairly simple.

As mentioned earlier, music are sound waves transmitted from our ears to our brain. Although people with hearing difficulties or deaf people might not be able to hear anything, they are still able to feel the vibrations produced by the music, which will then be sent to their brain for processing. Although it might become a whole new language in their head and they might perceive a music piece differently from others, the fact still remains that everyone can react to music. Another point to prove that music is universal!

3. Stone Age

After all that I said, are you still not skeptical about the claim? Well, let us trace back to our ancient ancestors from the stone edge, the era which many believe is the origin of all humans. There are many archaeologists who found instruments used by our ancestors from the stone edge. It is evident that people listen to music since the very beginning. One might even say that it runs in the blood of all people to love and enjoy music, and that music IS for everyone!

To sum it up, no matter what, music has been a part of the world since ancient times. Everyone can perceive and react to music in their own unique ways. It might not be a universal language, but it is definitely universal, it is meant for everyone. What do you think? Is music universal to you?

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Wen Feng is a passionate music aficionado. He is constantly on the search for new music to listen to, with a particular interest in classical music. Piano pieces have always been a great companion and kept him calm throughout his school and work life.

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