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5 Best Song Covers by Modern Artists

Our round-up for the 5 best song covers sung by artists range from low-key singers to famous pop stars. Though, people say that "the original is always better", it hurts no one to enjoy an alternative take on a song. In no particular order, here is our five best song covers. Decide for yourself whether the original still makes the cut!

  1. Lady Gaga - Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra Cover)

Lady Gaga puts on a spectacular performance of Nancy Sinatra 's Bang Bang while clad in bright red leather. Gaga is well-known for her vocal range and versatility as a singer-performer, being able to take on music genres such as jazz, rock, pop and even country. She is also an all-around entertainer who has acted in TV shows like American Horror Story and movies such as A Star Is Born, performing as the lead actress in both cases.

2. Mily Cyrus - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)

At a young age, Miley Cyrus was considered a Disney Star who has her own show "Hannah Montana". She was inspired by her father who is Billy Ray Cyrus - a country singer, but soon took her own path towards pop and rock. However, she has not forgotten her roots and still performed an outstanding cover of country song "Jolene", sung by her godmother, Dolly Parton.

3. CHVRCHES - Somebody Else (1975 Cover)

CHVRCHES is an indie band, with the front woman known for her angelic voice. Here, they perform a cover of 1975's Somebody Else with a touch of sweet melancholiness. It gives us a perspective of a woman's heartbreak when her partner leaves her for another person.

4. Ariana Grande - Emotions (Mariah Carey Cover)

Ariana Grande in her earlier years was known to be one of the few people in the world to successfully hit Mariah Carey's insanely high whistle note. No sooner, Ariana Grande proves her talent with a cover of Mariah Carey's emotions, delivering high note after high note flawlessly. Now, Ariana Grande remains as one of the most famous pop start world-wide.

5. Chloe x Halle - Pretty Hurts (Beyonce Cover)

Chloe x Halle is a sister duo, signed under Beyonce's label, and they are an up and coming, promising duo of this decade. They have released two albums so far, both of which was produced and written by the sisters themselves. A unique chemistry between the two, they never let down with their insane harmonies and vocal range.


Zoe is an avid fan of all kinds of music. Her primary instrument is the guitar but she is always passionately learning how to play other instruments such as the drums and keyboard. She is currently playing the bass guitar in a band and has been routinely involved in music since she was a child.

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