• Zoe Lim

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Room with Music

a picture of a room decorated with music items

1. Posters

a picture of music art prints and posters

Posters are a fun way to give your room a unique theme. There are various ways in which you can arrange your posters. You could sort your posters by color scheme or keep them in a linear arrangement. You can also frame them and hang it on your walls to keep them from being damaged!

Search for some of the best music posters from these websites :

  • Redbubble

  • AllPosters

  • Etsy

2. Furniture

a picture of a music and guitar bed

Even something as simple as a musical pillow can liven up your room and be a perfect accent to your sofa or chair! You can explore bed sheets, blankets and pillows with music-inspired themes at the following websites :

  • Amazon

  • Society6

3. Vinyls/CDs/Records

a picture of a vinyl collection