• Zoe Lim

How to Start a Music Blog

a person on his laptop MacBook blogging

If you're into music and writing, you might want to get serious about starting your own music blog. However, setting up a blog and spamming words on it is not going to guarantee you an audience. As with everything in life, you need to invest time and effort into carrying out a plan of action in order to gain some success. Music blogging has changed a lot over the years. Many have even moved on to podcasts and video reviews on Youtube. The following tips are going to guide you through the climate of music blogging and how you can start your own blog with success.

  1. Do your Research

Before jumping right into blogging, the first thing that you should do is to take a look at some of the most successful online blogs or music journals. Find what makes each of them unique and take inspiration from it. The goal is not to copy their strategies, but to gain an idea of what you might want to do with your own blog.

Do pay attention to how they advertise their brand and to which audience they are targeting. While browsing these blogs online, you might want to ask yourself some of these questions.

  • How do they engage with their followers?

  • What kind of style do they write in?

  • What kind of content are they producing?

  • What do you dislike about the blog?

  • What are their viewers' opinion on them?

You also might want to consider what other strategies they use to reach out to more people. It could be vlogging, podcasting or even sharing their online playlists. For example, Anthony Fantano is a well-known and successful online music critic who launched TheNeedleDrop in the form of written reviews, which eventually became his Youtube channel as he starts vlogging his music reviews.

Other music blogs you might want to check out :

2. Find Your Niche

The next step in starting your blogging journey is to come up with a unique name and brand for your website. While you're choosing a name, it is recommended that it be related to the genre of your music blog. For example, YourEDM focuses on EDM while MetalInjection focuses on metal music.

Once you've found a name and a genre for your blog, consider the goals you want to achieve in this music blog. Ask yourself questions such as :