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  • Zoe Lim

Top 10 Songs for Car Rides

a girl going on a road trip

Whether you're going on a road-trip with your friends or going down a highway at night, listening to music while driving can be one of the most refreshing and calming things to do. Don't miss out on some of these songs while you're in the car!

1. M83 - Midnight City

M83's Midnight City is perfect for a car ride, especially at night! The upbeat synthesiser evokes a feeling of nostalgia as the singer talks about watching the city grow while riding at midnight. So grab your keys, roll down the window & crank up the volume with M83 :

Waiting in the car

Waiting for the ride in the dark

At night the city grows

Look at the horizon glow

2. The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

The Smiths has mastered the art of capturing the little moments in life. This song sings about riding in a car with your lover, meeting new people & not wanting to go home. The next time you're driving to a night-out, crank this song up in you car and you won't regret it :

Take me out tonight

Where there's music and there's people

And they're young and alive

Driving in your car

I never never want to go home

3. Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Feeling lost or down? Take a drive down the road with Arcade Fire's Wake Up and let your thoughts run. The song sings about growing up & the struggles of adulthood, something we can all relate once we turn 21:

If the children don't grow up

Our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up

We're just a million little god's causin' rain storms

Turnin' every good thing to rust

I guess we'll just have to adjust

4. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

If you're looking for a relaxing car ride while soaking in a beautiful melody, take a listen to Mazzy Star's Fade Into You. The calming and sweet vocals will wash away all your worries momentarily while you take a drive :

The strange light comes on slowly

A stranger's heart is out of home

You put your hands into your head

And your smiles cover your heart

5. Group Love - Welcome to Your Life

Grouplove's Welcome To Your Life will take you on a trip down the memory lane, as it takes a turn and gives you the perspective of life's wonders and adventures as a child. We guarantee that you would be feeling nostalgic & hopeful for the future after listening to this piece :

Welcome to your life, yeah, yeah

It could be a fantasy, yeah, yeah

Welcome to your world, my girl

Let it be your fantasy, oh yeah

6. Beabadoobee -She Plays Bass

This song is for you if you're a bass player or simply a lover of bass. The song has a 90's-esque vibe to it, coupled with the singer's angelic vocals, you are sure to be feeling light and refreshed after listening to this song :

She plays bass, she plays bass

Nothing matters 'cause we're both in space

Pretty shit we didn't ever date

She plays bass, she plays bass

7. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

Grab your friends and your car keys, as you're ready to go on a road-trip with Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles! A feel-good song that has memorable, karaoke-esque lyrics, this song is a must-listen while you're road tripping with your friends :

If I could fall into the sky

Do you think time would pass me by?

'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles

If I could just see you tonight

8. Simple Minds - Don’t You Forget Me

Most famously known as the ending song to the movie "The Breakfast Club", Simple Minds' Don't You Forget About Me is the perfect song to play while you're driving home from either a vacation or road-trip. (Like the end of a movie) :

Tell me your troubles and doubts

Giving me everything inside and out and

Love's strange so real in the dark

Think of the tender things that we were working on

9. New Order - Ceremony

Originally written by Joy Division, New Order has remade the song into a studio version. Probably one of the most underrated riffs, "Ceremony" brings about the feeling of remembering a lost love. While there are melancholy and bittersweet feelings, at the end of the car ride, you will be feeling grateful for those memories :

All she asks is the strength to hold me

Then again the same old story

World will travel, oh so quickly

Travel first and lean towards this time

10. Hole - Malibu

Going somewhere far away from all the stress & frustration? Hole's Malibu is prepared to get you into the mood for vacation & relaxation! You would be seeing blue waves & sandy beaches while listening to these feel-good tunes :

Hey, hey

We're all watching you

Oh, baby, fly away to Malibu

Cry to the angels

And let them swallow you

Go and part the sea, yeah, in Malibu


Zoe is an avid fan of all kinds of music. Her primary instrument is the guitar but she is always passionately learning how to play other instruments such as the drums and keyboard. She is currently playing the bass guitar in a band and has been routinely involved in music since she was a child.

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