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SGPH Piano Reference Number: SGPH-C40


Brand: Cristofori


Model: T-131 (Serial No. T00048617)


Age: 16 years 


Height: 131cm


Country of Manufacture: -


Short Description of Piano: Hi! I am putting up this piano for sale as I have stopped attending piano lessons and would like to give it up for other passionate piano players. This piano has served me well for the past 16 years and I have used it to practice for the ABRSM piano examinations. The piano has been well-maintained and we recently got a technician to tune the piano and fix some sticky keys on April 2019. If interested, please kindly contact me via phone or email. (Please note that the sale price does NOT include the price of hiring professional movers. If there is a need to hire professional mover, please note that the buyer will need to bear the additional costs.)

Cristofori T-131 - 16 Years Old

  • Name: Emelyn Goh

    Contact: 81333443


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