SGPH Piano Reference Number: SGPH-H9


Brand: Hyundai


Model: U832 (Serial Number: HGH01371)


Age: 12 years 


Height: 123cm (exam model)


Country of Manufacture: Korea


Short Description of Piano:

> Bought the piano from a friend 2 years ago, in which he used it to attain an ABRSM Teaching Diploma.

> I've used it for my ABRSM Grade 4 exam 1 year ago.

> Selling this piano as I'm rarely using it due to my national service.

> The piano is in a good condition, although it's a little out of tune (attributes to the competitive price).

> Bright and flamboyant tone.

> Una corda and sustaining pedal are working fine.

> Height: 123cm, Length: 150cm, Depth: 61cm

> Number of keys: 88 keys (7 octaves exam-standard)

Hyundai U832 - 12 Years Old