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Reference: SGPH-B25


Brand: Boston


Model: UP-132E (Serial No. 178740)


Age: 7.5



-Video Link of piano sound available: Boston (by Steinway & Sons) Black Polish Upright -132E Bought @ SGD$25k +Included free accessories (2 x piano cover-blanket (worth $100 each)) -Well-cared for, fantastic condition -No corrosion (example: pedals are still covered with plastic film and not removed since purchased 8 years ago) Used it to obtain piano diploma (personally think it's perfect price range for a diploma-level piano) Selling it as moving to UK Not used since 4 years ago, but still maintained (regular cleaning and tuning, dust jacket applied) semi-annually Contact via Whatsapp (+44 07471763533) for fast replies or email (

SGPH Boston UP-132E - 7 Years Old

  • Name: Zhang Chen

    Contact: +44 07471763533 (Whatsapp)


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