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Reference: SGPH-H33


Brand: Hyundai


Model: U837 (Serial No. IMF00770)


Age: 30


Country of Manufacture: -


Short Description of Piano:

Brand: Hyundai Model - U837 Serial No.: IMF007700 Age: AROUND 30 Height: 52 inches Length: 58.5 inches Width: 25.5 inches Colour: Mahogany This is an old piano (around 30 yrs) but keys, touch and sound still all good. Tuned to concert pitch. It’s an exam/teaching model. Slightly larger and taller than an average exam model. So sound is brighter and louder. it was marketed to sound like a concert grand in the past. Recommended for larger apartments/house to really appreciate the sound. Here's a video of how it sounds currently. 


We're moving to a smaller place. I hope to find a good owner for it. You're welcome to contact me if you want to try out the touch and sound. Chair need repair as the base had given way, or you can buy a new chair. Still adjustable though. You will have to arrange for your own piano mover. I'll recommend a very good piano tuner for you too.

SGPH Hyundai U837 - 30 Years Old

  • Name: Shirley

    Contact: -


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