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SGPH Piano Reference Number: SGPH-Y118


Brand: Yamaha


Model: CLP-645 (Serial No. YCXX01027)


Age: 10 months (14/04/2018


Short Description of Piano: Inititally, I thought that I would not be so interested in playing the piano hence I bought a digital piano. However after months of playing the piano, my interest grew and I decided that I will be going for grading. Hence I bought a new transacoustic piano from Yamaha.Condition is 10/10. As you can see, the plastic wrapper is still around the pedal. You can come my house to test out the piano and verify it’s condition.Price does not include of delivery fee.Also selling on

Yamaha CLP-645 - 10 Months Old

  • Name: Malcolm

    Contact: 96662476


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