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"Music is not to hear. It is to feel."

Short Courses

With our strong focus on quality education, we have established 2 introductory piano courses to let students experience the most rewarding touch of the piano.

How Does It Work?


Step 1:

Sign Up

Let us know you are looking for a short course. Fill up our Course Sign Up Form and you are done within 3 mins! We will do the rest!

Email letter

Step 2:

Hear from Us

Following closely to your requirements, we will get back to you as soon as possible with profiles of suitable teachers who are ready to teach.

Teacher hire successful

Step 3:


Confirm the time slot and make payment to us. Thereafter, attend the course as planned :)

For Pop Piano Lovers

Adult Playing Piano

SGPH Introductory Piano Course
Keen to have a taste of playing piano and creating music? Start with this private course, which provides an introduction to the basics of pop piano playing.

Course Contents

  • You will first be introduced to basic music theory which includes note-reading, rhythm, tempo and chords.

  • Next, you will be taught basic techniques in piano-playing.

  • At the end of the session, you will be able to play a simple piece of pop music, such as Perfect by Ed Sheeran or Waiting For You (等你下课) by Jay Chou.

  • In addition, you will be able to play chords to accompany your own singing!

*Course contents may vary across different instructors​. Instructors may be different depending on their availability.


Course Duration

1 session of 1-to-1 piano lesson (1.5 hours)

Course Fees

Net price of $100 (no GST required)


Target Audience
Suitable for all ages


  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Communications and New Media, NUS

  • ABRSM Diploma in Piano Performance 

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical Musicianship 

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory


Ting Hui is a pianist, composer, arranger and music producer. He is the winner of regional 16th XQRJ songwriting competition and runner-up in Impresario 2016. Songs have since been acquired by the Chinese band 蜜蜂少女队 mentored by Nicholas Tse and Nicky Wu. He also published music arrangement works for Taiwanese celebrity couple Nico & Kim. Performs weekly at Red Dot Brewhouse Boat Quay.

Piano Instructor

Instructor Ting Hui

Teaching Location:

Pipit Road

For Young Children

Child Playing Piano

SGPH Introductory Piano Music Appreciation
Keen to cultivate your child’s interest in music? Start with this private course, which provides an introduction to music and piano appreciation through a series of musical experiences.

Course Contents

It includes 2 sessions of fun and interactive activities, such as sing-a-longs, listening and playing percussive instruments, to build a sense of rhythm and nurture your child’s sensitivity to music. Parents are also welcomed to join in the fun!

*Course contents may vary across different instructors​. Instructors may be different depending on their availability.


Course Duration
2 sessions of 1-to-1 piano music appreciation (35 minutes per session)

Course Fees

Net price of $100 (no GST required)


Target Audience
Recommended for 3 to 6 years old


  • Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance), Northwestern State University

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology), National University of Singapore

  • ABRSM Diploma in Instrumental Teaching

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical and Theory


Melissa had actively taught private piano lessons under the Northwestern State University Music Academy and was the University’s instrumental and concert choir accompanist. Her constant quest for knowledge coupled with her passion in teaching has widened her approaches towards teaching students with different abilities. As a dedicated and patient teacher, she believes in making her music classes enjoyable for students and maximizing their potentials to the fullest. 


Melissa’s specialty includes teaching children from the age of 4 and above. She uses musical games and tools to enhance all her students' learning. In addition, she has also taught students from beginner to diploma level, adhering to the ABRSM standards. One of her thesis’s fieldwork, which involved observing students in schools, has given her an all-rounded understanding of children’s behavioral patterns from different age groups.


Apart from teaching, Melissa is also an accompanist for various school choirs in Singapore.

Piano instructor

 Instructor Melissa

Teaching Location:

Sengkang (254 Compassvale Road)

Piano teacher instructor

Instructor Raymond

Teaching Location:

Potong Pasir (140 Potong Pasir Ave 3)


  • Master of Music, University of North Texas (USA)

  • Artist Diploma, Longy School of Music of Bard College (USA)


Raymond has been teaching piano and music theory for more than 10 years. He teaches students of all ages and levels, including music appreciation for young children. In the US, he had taught undergraduate courses at Stony Brook University was also an instructor for a number of community programs in the Boston area.


In Singapore, he taught at Fisherman Music School and Music Workshop. Not limiting himself to private teaching, he had also given lecture-recitals at the Esplanade Library and Lasalle College of the Arts.

Apart from teaching, Raymond is also a performer. He worked as a pianist for the Singapore Dance Theatre, Boston Modern Orchestra Project (USA), and the Boston Opera Collaborative (USA). In addition, he performed at many places in Singapore such as the Lasalle College of the Arts, NTU, Esplanade Recital Hall and NAFA.


  • Licentiate diploma in piano performance, Trinity College London

  • Associate diploma in piano performance, Trinity College London

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory


Rozanne has been coaching piano lessons for private students and teaching at a local music schools since 2005. She teaches piano practical from beginner to diplomas level, as well as group and individual theory classes up to grade 8 under ABRSM and Trinity examination syllabus.

When it comes to young children, Rozanne has experiences conducting music appreciation classes at childcare centres, international schools and music schools in Singapore since 2014. She is a MOE registered piano teacher and also a certified instructor under Singapore Ministry of Educations Art and Music Instructors Scheme (AMIS) (MUSIC). Using Latin percussion and rhythms, she has conducted some short term keyboard and other music courses in the primary and secondary schools.

Apart from teaching, Rozanne is also an accompanist for school choirs as well as various instrumentalists taking the ABRSM exams.

Piano teacher

Instructor Rozanne

Teaching Location:

Clementi (356 Clementi Ave 2)

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Instructors

We choose only professional and well-experienced instructors to give you the best.

You Call The Shots

It's all about you. Choose your preferred day, timing and location. Learn at your convenience!

1 To 1 Attention

Are you afraid of learning inappropriately by enrolling into group piano lessons? We establish 1-to-1 piano courses to give you full attention.

Customer Protection

Dispute between student and piano instructor? Fret not, we offer up to full refund, if deemed appropriate - the highest in Singapore.


"The music appreciation course for my daughter was wonderful . She enjoyed the sessions and it made me realize her interest for music. I've decided to let her take up weekly piano lessons since."

- Clara Sng, Parent of student

"Thanks for recommending me the Introductory Piano Course. It gave me a chance to fulfill my childhood dream of learning the piano. I know I'm far from being a real pianist, but at least I can now play a simple song."

- Tan SC, Student

"I love how I can experience playing the piano within such a short session. The instructor was good and patient with such a slow learner like myself, which I greatly appreciated."

- Lim SK, Student

"The process of registeration to confirmation was easy. And it only took a while. Thanks Jaden for arranging and answering all my enquiries."

- Mandy Lau, Parent of student

"The service staff who handled my request was friendly and fast. My teacher was also great. No regrets taking up this short course."

-Goh SX, Student

Course Sign Up

Course Sign Up

Please use either of the 3 methods below to sign up for a course. If you have any questions we recommend reading our FAQs first.




Whatsapp the following to us at 97500579 and we will respond to you as soon as possible!


  1. Your Name

  2. Student's Age

  3. Student's Gender

  4. Type of Course (Eg. SGPH Introductory Piano Course)

  5. Preferred Course Instructor

  6. Preferred Day and Time (Pls provide as many as you can for better match!)

  7. Your Email Address


Email the following to us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible!


  1. Your Name

  2. Student's Age

  3. Student's Gender

  4. Type of Course (Eg. SGPH Introductory Piano Course)

  5. Preferred Course Instructor

  6. Preferred Day and Time (Pls provide as many as you can for better match!)

  7. Your Mobile Number


Frequently Asked Questions

"What happens after I submit the form?"

Following your requirements, we will make arrangements and get in touch with you for confirmation.

"Are there any hidden charges or service fees?"

No, the course fees are the only fees that you have to pay. It is inclusive of basic teaching materials.

"What do I need to bring for the sessions?"

You only need to bring yourself and an open mind!

"How do I pay the course fees?"

All course fees shall be paid via bank transfer to Singapore Piano Hub. Payment shall be made within 24 hours from confirmation. If payment is not done within the stipulated time, the instructor's time slot will be released for other students.

"Is it refundable?"

No refunds are allowed, unless we determine that the fault lies entirely with the instructor.

"Can I change time slot?"

Yes, but please let us know at least 72 hours in advance before lesson time. We would not be able to allow last minute changes.


"Can I continue regular weekly lessons with the instructor/teacher?"

Yes, definitely! You may arrange directly with your instructor to schedule regular lessons. If you want to start regular lessons but with a different teacher, you may contact us to find a teacher.

"Thanks for finding a piano teacher for me. Can you also recommend us a piano to buy?"

If you are learning the piano for examination purpose, make sure to get an exam model piano. Exam model pianos refer to pianos with a height of at least 121 cm. You may visit our buy/sell piano segment to know more about the pianos available in Singapore.  

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