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  • Zoe Lim

The Difference Between a Cheap & Expensive Piano?

A fun activity you can do while you're bored, is to hear if you can spot sound differences between a cheap and expensive piano! The above video tests out pianos ranging from the prices of $600 - $360,000. Most would definitely expect a richer sound from the most expensive piano, but can you hear the difference in this video? An untrained ear may not be able to spot the difference easily compared to a trained ear. Nonetheless, it is a fun way to test out your hearing skills as well! Another similar video that you should check out :

Some say 'Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.' That is why before you make a purchase, it is important to test out various pianos within your budget, as some sounds may not be to your liking! Finding the right piano can be a lifetime investment compared to an inexpensive starter piano. The four factors you should look out for when buying a good quality piano are sound, touch, materials and longevity.

Besides comparing prices, how about comparing brands? Different brands of pianos carry a unique feature that sets them apart from other pianos. Can you tell the difference in sound in the video below?


Zoe is an avid fan of all kinds of music. Her primary instrument is the guitar but she is always passionately learning how to play other instruments such as the drums and keyboard. She is currently playing the bass guitar in a band and has been routinely involved in music since she was a child.

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