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  • Zoe Lim

The Most Difficult Piano Pieces

a piano sheet

Looking at people attempt to play the most difficult piano pieces is always fun and entertaining. Personally, I would avoid these pieces at all costs as it could be rather discouraging. A piece’s technical demands which includes enormous jumps and uncomfortable speed could however, be a thrilling challenge to some. Here are some of the most feared and challenging piano pieces to play (in no particular order) :

1. 1836: Schumann’s Toccata in C Major Op. 7

The Toccata in C major, Op. 7 by Robert Schumann, was completed in 1830 and revised in 1833. The piece is in sonata-allegro form. The work was infamously referred to by Schumann as the "hardest piece ever written"—to this day it remains as one of the most ferociously difficult pieces in the piano repertoire.

2. Liszt – La Campanella

This étude is famous for being one of the most difficult pieces ever written for piano. It is played at a brisk allegretto tempo and features right hand jumps between intervals larger than one octave, sometimes even stretching for two whole octaves within the time of a sixteenth note.

3. Sorabji – Opus clavicembalisticum

Opus clavicembalisticum is a work for solo piano composed by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, completed on June 25, 1930.It is notable for its length and difficulty. At the time of its completion, it was the longest piano piece in existence. Its duration is around 4 - 4½ hours, depending on tempo.

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