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  • Zoe Lim

Which Composer Do You Share the Same Zodiac Sign With?

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Astrology and music can be fun when you throw them in a mix. There are some zodiac signs known to be a little more creative than others when it comes to art and music, such as Aquarius and Pisces. We listed out some of our favourite composers and their zodiac signs. Let's see if they match your zodiac sign!


Composers with this zodiac sign : SCHUBERT, ARTUR RUBINSTEIN, MOZART

Qualities :

- Traditional

- Friendly and humanitarian

- Honest and loyal

- Original and inventive

- Independent and intellectual

- Intractable and contrary

- Perverse and unpredictable

- Unemotional and detached


Composers with this zodiac sign : CHOPIN, HANDEL, STRAUSS. SR.

Qualities :

- Imaginative and sensitive

- Compassionate and kind

- Selfless and unworldly

- Intuitive and sympathetic

- Escapist and idealistic

- Secretive and vague

- Weak-willed and easily led


Composers with this zodiac sign : HAYDEN, BACH, WAGNER, RACHMANINOFF

Qualities :

- Adventurous and energetic

- Pioneering and courageous

- Enthusiastic and confident

- Dynamic and quick-witted

- Selfish and quick-tempered

- Impulsive and impatient

- Foolhardy and daredevil


Composers with this zodiac sign : BRAHMS, TCHAIKOVSKY

Qualities :

- Patient and reliable

- Warmhearted and loving

- Persistent and determined

- Placid and security loving

- Jealous and possessive

- Resentful and inflexible

- Self-indulgent and greedy


Composers with this zodiac sign : SCHUMANN, RICHARD STRAUSS, JR.

Qualities :

- Adaptable and versatile

- Communicative and witty

- Intellectual and eloquent

- Youthful and lively

- Nervous and tense

- Superficial and inconsistent


Composers with this zodiac sign : GEORGE SAND, VAN CLIBURN, MAHLER

Qualities :

- Emotional and loving

- Intuitive and imaginative

- Shrewd and cautious

- Protective and sympathetic

- Changeable and moody

- Overemotional and touchy

- Clingy

7. LEO

Composers with this zodiac sign : DEBUSSY, JOHN FIELD, ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV

Qualities :

- Generous and warmhearted

- Creative and enthusiastic

- Broad-minded and expansive

- Faithful and loving

- Pompous and patronising

- Bossy and interfering

- Dogmatic and intolerant


Composers with this zodiac sign : ANTON BRUCKNER, LEONARD BERNSTEIN, DVORAK

Qualities :

- Modest and shy

- Meticulous and reliable

- Practical and diligent

- Intelligent and analytical

- Fussy and a worrier

- Overcritical and harsh


Composers with this zodiac sign : LISZT, VERDI, HOROWITZ

Qualities :

- Diplomatic and urbane

- Romantic and charming

- Easygoing and sociable

- Idealistic and peaceable

- Indecisive and changeable

- Gullible and easily influenced

- Flirtatious and self-indulgent


Composers with this zodiac sign : PADEREWSKI, STRAUSS, JR., COPELAND

Qualities :

- Determined and forceful

- Emotional and intuitive

- Powerful and passionate

- Exciting and magnetic

- Jealous and resentful

- Compulsive and obsessive

- Secretive and obstinate


Composers with this zodiac sign : BEETHOVEN, BERILOZ, FRANCK

Qualities :

- Optimistic and freedom-loving

- Jovial and good-humored

- Honest and straightforward

- Intellectual and philosophical

- Blindly optimistic and careless

- Irresponsible and superficial

- Tactless and restless


Composers with this zodiac sign : POULANC

Qualities :

- Hardworking and disciplined

- Direct and straightforward

- Independent and practical

- Self-contradictory

- Stubborn and impulsive

- Emotionally cold


Zoe is an avid fan of all kinds of music. Her primary instrument is the guitar but she is always passionately learning how to play other instruments such as the drums and keyboard. She is currently playing the bass guitar in a band and has been routinely involved in music since she was a child.

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