Steinway pianos in Singapore are officially sold and distributed by Steinway Gallery Singapore

Estimated prices are shown. If you want to get our referral to the showroom for VIP treatment, contact us and we will help.

Steinway Upright Pianos

Steinway V-125

Model: Steinway V-125

Height: 125 cm

Price: $78,000

Steinway K-132

Model: Steinway K-132

Height: 132 cm

Price: $85,000

Steinway Grand Pianos

Steinway S-155

Model: Steinway S-155

Depth: 155 cm

Price: $150,000

Steinway M-170

Model: Steinway M-170

Depth: 170 cm

Price: $158,000

Steinway O-180

Model: Steinway O-180

Depth: 180 cm

Price: $168,000

Steinway A-188

Model: Steinway A-188

Depth: 188 cm

Price: $180,000

Steinway B-211

Model: Steinway B-211

Depth: 211 cm

Price: $208,000

Steinway C-227

Model: Steinway C-227

Depth: 227 cm

Price: $246,000

Steinway D-274

Model: Steinway D-274

Depth: 274 cm

Price: $328,000

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