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Steinway pianos in Singapore are officially sold and distributed by Steinway Gallery Singapore

Estimated prices are shown.

Steinway Upright Pianos

Steinway V-125

Model: Steinway V-125

Height: 125 cm

Price: $78,000

Steinway K-132

Model: Steinway K-132

Height: 132 cm

Price: $85,000

Steinway Grand Pianos

Steinway S-155

Model: Steinway S-155

Depth: 155 cm

Price: $150,000

Steinway M-170

Model: Steinway M-170

Depth: 170 cm

Price: $158,000

Steinway O-180

Model: Steinway O-180

Depth: 180 cm

Price: $168,000

Steinway A-188

Model: Steinway A-188

Depth: 188 cm

Price: $180,000

Steinway B-211

Model: Steinway B-211

Depth: 211 cm

Price: $208,000

Steinway C-227

Model: Steinway C-227

Depth: 227 cm

Price: $246,000

Steinway D-274

Model: Steinway D-274

Depth: 274 cm

Price: $328,000

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